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The Development of EMV Chips


All of our terminals, pin pads, and Clover machines are equipped with EMV technology. Here at PayHub Payments, we believe in the power of security, which is why our devices contain EMV technology. But what exactly makes EMV a more protected transaction authenticator than the original cards? The answer is the small gold square located on the card, rather than the traditional magnetic stripe.

Where does this chip come from? The chips begin as 500 pounds of large glass and are then segmented into distinct separate discs. Individual micro circuits are then cut from this and placed on each separate debit and credit card. These chips are then wired electronically to the gold squares and secured intact for everyday use. The metallic square on your credit card is actually a cover, the EMV technology is placed behind this small square. The last step of development is when the chip is inserted into a hole where it is then registered with software. The EMV chip acts as an outlet between the card and the bank operator when put into the chip reader. This process of inserting the chip into the terminal is known as “chip and dip.” The card is then processed with the smart technology located from the card and within the terminal, where it is then spit back out for you to receive. This process only takes a few seconds, and you should be comforted in knowing your information is being processed securely and appropriately.

This tiny metallic square is very important because this is the part that stores and secures data. These chips act as a mini computer due to the smart technology within. Magnetic stripe cards are equipped with static information, and static data makes it very easy for thieves to duplicate this information. EMV technology took a long time to create and be implemented, but we now have a more secure way to make payments, thanks to EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa. EMV technology creates an authentication code for each payment transaction made, making it very difficult for thieves to duplicate the date, card number, etc. and create fraudulent data.

To learn more about this technology or get your hands on a device with EMV visit our terminal shop!

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