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The Ingenico iCT250 for Your Business

ingenico ict250

Looking for a new terminal to take on the demands of your clientele? The Ingenico iCT250 is fully equipped to fulfill those needs. Due to its status as one of the smallest and lightest terminals out there, this device is designed perfectly with the merchant in mind, making it perfect for daily use and handling.

Its design is clear and clean— large keys, backlit keypad, and a color graphic display that not only makes error less common, it gives your customers something great to look at. There’s also the option of software customization and hardware personalization in the top casing, printer cover flap, or lens, so you can further your business’s branding.

Because it accepts all payment options, this terminal is perfect for retail locations where customers pay with varying types of payments and expect speedy service. The Ingenico iCT250 offers EMV chip and pin acceptance, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments. This device also has the ability to enable new NFC couponing and wallet apps. With customers of all types coming in, chances are there will be a ton of different methods they are choosing to pay with, not just traditional cash or card. Having the option of processing other types of payments that are becoming increasingly more popular ensures your business can accommodate these customers as payments change, without having to change your terminal too.

The Ingenico iCT250 maintains the highest security standards, including PCI PTS 3.x certification, meaning this terminal is verified by the Payment Card Industry to carry out security standards with increased safety. It also has SRED and Open protocol measures, meaning there is security criteria that has been followed and executed. The physical setup of the terminal itself also allows for an added bit of security, with the optional PIN privacy shield providing additional confidentiality.

Reliable connectivity helps facilitate clear communication using a high speed modem or Ethernet. When you’re running a business in a retail-based environment, it’s important that you ensure connectivity is certain at any time.

This IngenicoiCT 250 suits any business that deals with in influx of customers on the daily that pay by differing methods. Its size and design make it perfect for any business to implement. If you think your business could use a terminal like the Ingenico iCT250, click here to rad more and contact us for additional information to get you set up with one!

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