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Dashboard for Clover

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Did you know that your Clover’s capabilities can be heightened with the apps that are available in the App Market? They vary in concept in order to provide an app that meets any kind of need your business has. We’re bringing you another one of our favorite apps that increases efficiency and productivity on your device. Today’s focus is Dashboard!

Dashboard is an app used to manage real-time performance data about your business, complete with metrics, statistics, and information from every aspect your business encompasses. You’ll be able to see the big picture, as well as the details when viewing the data provided by Dashboard.

You can access this information at anytime and in any place. The best part is it is real-time data, so it will always be current and up to date. No more making decisions off of previous metrics. You’ll be aware of sales numbers hour by hour, at any time of the week, and be able to track your progress over varying periods of time. Dashboard also gives you the option to look at numbers detail by detail in order to focus on the specifics, if you needed to see how individual products were performing.

Information is also provided visually through graphs and tables so that you get a clear image of how your business is performing without having to comb through numbers. Dashboard also highlights employee performance through statistics, where each employee’s sales metrics are visible with corresponding charts. You can also create a leaderboard to motivate your staff, after all, doesn’t everybody want to be #1?

You can get Dashboard for your Clover via the marketplace on your device or here!

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