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Payment Processing for Landscaping Companies

Warm weather is just around the corner - Payhub Payments will help you plant the seeds to grow your business.

If you’re in the landscaping business - landscape contractor, landscape designer, or a maintenance landscaper? This information is for you!

From designers and builders to installation and maintenance teams, your business could greatly benefit from accepting credit cards.

Here’s why:

People are more willing to spend money when they can pay by credit card

  • Either they may be short of cash or they want credit card points, giving your customers the option to pay by credit card will be of great value to them. It will also give them more options, people are more willing to book a service when they have options that are easy and work well for them.

You can charge them on a recurring basis

  • Do you mow your client’s lawn on a weekly basis? Set up recurring payment. This creates an easier payment process for them, they don’t have to remember to write a check or take out cash from the bank. You’ll keep their card on file and it will automatically be charged for service, in term making payment processing easier on yourself and your business.

You can better track your books

  • Keeping track of payments and invoices is so much easier when you accept credit card payments. All payment history is logged and easily maintainable.

You can collect payment quicker

  • If you accept credit cards you can collect payment on the spot. No need to send an invoice later, you can charge right then and there.

Contact us today to learn how we can save your business money and most efficiently accept credit card payments.

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