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Customize Your Business With Gift Cards + Rewards

Reloadable gift cards are known to boost your bottom line. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift card to their favorite store for the holidays? They benefit businesses of all sizes, especially during this time of year. It’s one of the most popular ways to increase sales and allow someone to try your products without the guilt of spending their own money. From standard to customized, PayHub will set-up your business with gift cards that you’ll love to offer customers for years to come!

Reward programs are also a great way to keep customers coming back. We have the tools to customize the perfect rewards for your specific business needs. Who would have ever thought marketing solutions could be offered by your merchant services provider? Keep reading to learn how your company can benefit from rewards and gift cards all year round.

Gain new clients:

Current clients will spread the word to their friends and family by purchasing gift cards as a gift!

Your brand awareness will also increase when you use your eye catching logo on every card you sell. Gaining new clients will happen more and more over time as you perfect your marketing strategies.

Improve customer loyalty:

By offering rewards and incentives your customers will turn into happy repeat customers.

View customer birthdays and order histories, and automatically generate profiles with contact info when you sign up with Payhub. You can even send custom promotions and marketing campaigns via email or text. This will create an even more personalized experience for your customers.

Increase sales:

When given a gift card customers are more likely to shop around until they spend their entire gift card (or more!) allowing them to have a clear idea of everything that your business has to offer.

Don’t forget to promote your products and services leading up to Black Friday this year. Maybe consider a fun incentive to increase gift card purchases. It’s all in the details!

We are happy to highlight the way gift cards and reward programs provide growth in your business. Call us at 855-572-9482 for more information.

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