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5 Ways To Make Your Store Inviting for Holiday Shoppers

It’s that time of year again - the holiday season is right around the corner.

Is your store prepared for the rush of new customers? This season is one of the best opportunities to grow your business and boost sales.“ Merchant acquirers, especially those in the e-commerce and mobile space, can look forward to strong holiday payment card volumes this year, according to online-commerce analytics firm eMarket Inc.” (Digital Transactions Magazine) With Payhub, you’ll always have the support of our customer service team - giving you piece of mind during any fast paced work day. Also, enjoy next day funding when you sign up with our services. It will really improve your cash flow at a time when you need it most!

Make a good impression with any new customer that comes into your establishment, by making your store more inviting for holiday shoppers. Customers will come back year after year to get a glimpse of your holiday cheer with these quick tips.

  • Burn candles with scents like lavender, vanilla, and sage for a relaxing environment everyone will want to be around. Even fake battery powered candles give off a nice glow that will make your store cozy and inviting.

  • Offer refreshments like small baked goods, festive candies, or hot cider. (everyone could use a little comfort food during the holiday rush)

  • Take the time to make sure your checkout area is clear and easy to navigate. Ask yourself, does it flow enough for customers to get in and out quickly? Would they know exactly where the checkout area is in a hurry?

  • Make sure you’re fully stocked with bags, boxes, ribbon, and tissue paper. You can never have too many. If you’re handing out fun and festive bags to customers, it’s more likely for others to gravitate to your store.

  • Put out a nicely designed chalkboard sign or whiteboard with a holiday illustration and/or eye catching writing. It’s a small touch that might make a BIG impact. Make sure to highlight any special products, deals, or promotions when setting up your design.

You really can’t go wrong with these items on your to-do list!

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