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What Makes Us Unique?

When we first started PayHub Payments with our friends at Nathan Accounting Group, we recognized that customers were faced with high prices on payment processing and unsatisfactory service when it came to the other providers. With this in mind, PayHub Payments was created as a division of NAG in 2008. PayHub’s goal was to create a business that eased these problems for consumers with our great prices, friendly staff, and high tech security. PayHub Payments continues to provide these fundamental values in the best way every day, while trying to make customers lives simpler and more convenient.

We offer products that are equipped with EMV compliant features and PCI that other providers do not. One of our top priorities is making sure each consumer is given the utmost attention and best customer service possible. PayHub Payments finds customer service an important part of business and because of this we make sure to put the customer first by offering 24/7, around the clock service. We also recognize the unwanted changing prices, as a result we freeze prices for at least 2 years!

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