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Apps for Your Clover: Part One


In the payment world, the Clover is almost like the incredible hulk, but for business owners. As one of our top selling pieces of equipment, it effortlessly accepts all types of payments quickly, securely, and accurately.

Although this machine is great all on its own, it has many additional extras found in the form of applications. One of the newest apps for Clover is called Top Up: Purchase Orders, and it eases the pain of tracking your company's inventory. While sales, restocks, and returns take place, this app adds, subtracts, and calculates the necessary means to come up with the correct total number of items in your inventory.

You simply punch in the number of vendors and select all items you want to record. For instance, say you ran out of your most popular shirt. Top App automatically knows you are out of this product and immediately reorders it in no time. Once you receive the product, the app will account for this and will update the system. It’s that simple and saves you a lot of time.

Keep an eye out for our next blog this week to see what other great apps Clover encompasses.

To learn more about the Clover, click here.

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