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Industry Update: Apple Pay for the Web

industry update apple pay online e-commerce payment processing

Apple Pay is a leader in contactless payments, with many adopting this as their main form of payment. And why not? It’s quick, convenient, and simple. Last year, Apple Pay was also made available for use over the web, opening the door for many businesses all over to decide if they want to adopt this form of payment.

Apple Pay is a preference for many because all it takes is a swift movement of their phone to complete a transaction. No rifling through wallets, no incorrect PIN entries, no questions to answer. The simplicity of a transaction is what makes purchasing so enjoyable for many users. By bringing this to the web, e-commerce shop owners can reap the benefits as well. Is Apple Pay for the web right for your online shop?

Using Apple Pay online has proven to be pretty beneficial for many e-commerce shops. Using Apple Pay at checkout typically leads to less cart abandonment, because it eliminates stages that people typically drop out at due to being too complicated or frustrating. Entering all your payment info can be tedious, but gets completely eliminated with the use of Apple Pay. By streamlining the checkout process into one simple step, customer satisfaction will be at an all time high.

It’s not difficult to see why quicker checkout leads to happier customers and repeat buyers. How many times have you had a frustrating checkout and not followed through with your purchase or returned to shop again? When people know they can get something quickly, it drives them to want it more. Instant gratification is real when it comes to a one-click payment process. You can increase the number of impulse buys solely because payment is easier.

Apple Pay over the web also offers the excellent security measures that it does over an in-person transaction as well. Because users don’t have to enter any of their card information with their payment, it is not stored on any device or server, and lets you be PCI compliant. Apple Pay works to encrypt your data by using a device account number, which is unique to every transaction and cannot be replicated or reused, thwarting thievery.

There are an abundance of reasons why Apple Pay for the web can be a great addition to your e-commerce shop. When thinking of what your customers want, don’t forget to choose a payment method that is quick, simple, and trusted by customers in order to make sales soar. So, is Apple Pay for the web right for your business?

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